Mairehau Grace in ABC’s Grace Beside Me

We are thrilled to announce GCM’s Mairehau Grace has been cast as a lead in the ABC and NITV produced Grace Beside Me. Based on the award-winning novel of the same name, the 13-episode series is currently filming in Queensland and is set for release in 2018.

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Mairehau Grace plays Tui, best mate of Fuzzy Mac, in the coming-of-age Australian series Grace Beside Me.




Sunday Theatre season studded with GCM talent

The TVNZ 2017 Sunday Theatre season, premiering with The Dance Exponents – Why Does Love on Sunday July 16, is set to be a great showcase of New Zealand stories and talent.
Resolve, Catching the Black Widow, and …the Exponents feature performances from  GCM’s Matariki Whatarau, Keegan Melville, Daniel Watterson,Tracy Lee Gray, Tim Earl, Jade Daniels, Baz Te Hira, Finian Scott, Awhina Rose Ashby, Nick Blake, Tim Gordon, Dra McKay, and John Chalmers.

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The Exponents







Xana Tang cast in new ABC comedy ‘The Letdown’

GCM’s talented Xana Tang, best known for her roles in Filthy Rich and Hounds, has nabbed a major supporting role in the new ABC and Netflix co-production The Letdown – currently shooting in Sydney.  Xana scored the role in the series, pitched as “darkly funny”, from a self-tape. Congratulations Xana – we are very proud and can’t wait to see you being your fabulous self in what looks like a hilarious show.

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Marco Alosio cast in Foxtel’s ‘Fighting Season’

GCM’s Marco Alosio has been cast as part of the lead ensemble in Foxtel’s six-part series Fighting Season.

Directed by award-winning Kate Woods and Ben Lucas,  the show is described as a “compex, character-driven drama” about Australian soldiers returning from Afghanistan.

Shooting began in Australia earlier this month. Congratulations Marco – we couldn’t be prouder.

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Marco ALosio

Marco Alosio (top right) is currently in Sydney shooting the miniseries. 



Luciane Buchanan lands lead in Netflix’s ‘The Legend of Monkey’

Congratulations to GCM’s Luciane Buchanan who has been announced as a lead in the Netflix and ABC live-action series The Legend of Monkey. Based on the 16th century Chinese fable Journey to the West, the series is currently shooting in Auckland and is set for international release on Netflix in 2018.  We can’t wait – the first publicity image (Luciane 2nd from right) is spectacular!

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Production still from 'The Legend of Monkey'.